energy consult takes over technical operations management for 45 megawatts in Poland and expands its portfolio of services

energy consult GmbH takes over technical operations management for five Polish wind farms with a total nominal output of 45 megawatts. The Planner, constructor and operator of the wind farms is the Danish green energy developer European Energy. Currently, energy consult holds contracts for technical and commercial operations management as well as consulting contracts for a total of 280 megawatts in Poland.

The five wind farms are located in the northwest of Poland. The “Grzmiaca” wind farm with three wind turbines and a total nominal output of six megawatts has been in operation and under the operations management of energy consult since August 2020. Another four wind farms with 15 wind turbines and a total nominal output of 39 megawatts are scheduled for commissioning this year.

Energy consult is one of the leading operations management companies in the wind energy sector and today manages wind turbines with a total nominal capacity of more than 2.0 gigawatts as well as 17 substations throughout Europe. Today, the company is operating as a Life-Cycle-Service Provider and, in addition to technical and commercial operations management, offers further technical services and inspections, continued operation concepts, PPA management and financial services as well as construction management and grid connection planning.

Based on its success in Poland, energy consult GmbH, headquartered in Cuxhaven, established the Polish subsidiary energy consult Polska Sp. z o.o., based in Koszalin, to further strengthen its activities in Poland in the future.

Nina Ociepa (Country Manager, energy consult Polska Sp. z o.o.): „We are pleased to have gained an important customer in European Energy, which is pursuing the same goals for the Polish market as energy consult. We have demonstrated that we can meet customer expectations at a high international level through our international business model, our many years of expertise and by using state-of-the-art software.”