energy consult as a service provider for your substation

The technically flawless and safe operation of a substation is indispensable for a wind or solar park.

All activities in our substation operations management are aimed at minimising faults, damage and downtimes and reducing the technical risk for you.

Around the clock monitoring and service

The substation or transfer station is monitored 24/7 by a control system and all incoming status, fault and measured values are recorded and analysed. Through our second redundant emergency alarm system, we ensure that we are always informed about the most important conditions even in the event of a failure of the primary remote control system.

Depending on the incoming information, we initiate situation-dependent measures to prevent, avert, contain and remedy faults. This includes, for example, carrying out switching operations of up to 110 kV on site or remotely to ensure largely uninterrupted operation and thus minimise yield losses. This also includes the provision of a 24-hour emergency service that will visit your facility immediately, if necessary, and perform appropriate measures on site.

Maintenance and supervision for a high level of availability

To ensure a high level of availability and low repair costs in the long term, the substation must be checked at regular intervals for arising or existing defects and be maintained. In addition to the annual maintenance work, we also carry out regular checks to detect damage early on and to increase the availability of the substation as a whole.

Identified defects are either rectified by us directly or we arrange, coordinate and supervise the work of external companies for smooth rectification.

In addition, we always keep an eye on important dates for you, for example the end of warrenty for construction and electrical works, manufacturer of electrical devices or the due date of building inspections and protective equipment test. All necessary tests are also carried out on time. Likewise, energy consult is available as a contact for the upstream distribution grid and transmission grid operator as well as for other parties involved in all matters.

All faults and defects that occur in the course of operation as well as any maintenance, repair and inspection activities performed are fully documented by us in digital form and made available to you.

Assumption of plant responsibility according to PN-EN 50110

As a plant operator, you are obliged by law to ensure the proper and safe operation of your substation through repair and maintenance work – to this end, we assume plant responsibility and appoint a plant manager from our specialist teams. This means that our experienced electricians assume the necessary responsibility at all times when working on or near your systems, so that special hazards can be assessed when working on electrotechnical systems and the occupational safety measures are observed.